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HDS Plumbing & Heating boiler servicing for quality and peace of mind throughout the year

Your local boiler service engineers in Milton Keynes

In the depths of winter, not only could forgetting your annual boiler service result in days without heating, but it could also make for an expensive bill for fixing faults that you thought would be covered under a boiler guarantee or warranty.

An annual boiler service ensures your central heating system operates efficiently and at its peak performance. In addition, regular servicing helps prolong the boiler’s lifespan and protects against the danger of carbon monoxide leaks. Maintenance by a qualified gas-safe boiler engineer also helps prevent more severe breakdowns, which can be both costly and inconvenient.

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Boiler service
HDS Plumbing & Heating boiler service for quality and peace of mind throughout the year. We understand the importance of maintaining your boiler at home or in your business – it is the core of your central heating system, and unresolved boiler issues can cost you much more in the long run. Our expert boiler service engineers are fully qualified to perform routine maintenance on your boiler and heating system. If there’s a problem, we can quickly diagnose and repair your boiler using quality components and workmanship – all covered by our one-year parts and labour guarantee.

Protect your boiler guarantee with an annual boiler service

If your boiler hasn’t been properly and regularly serviced, the manufacturer may argue that you haven’t taken appropriate steps to minimise the risk of problems and refuse to pay out. Ensure a Gas Safe engineer carries out the service and that they give you a certificate afterwards as evidence that your boiler has been serviced.
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Gas Safe

Gas Safe engineers at HDS Plumbing & Heating

It would be best if you never took the risk with your gas appliances at home or in your business. Therefore, it’s paramount for your safety and that of others to ensure your engineer is registered with Gas Safe. Our registration number is 593411, and you can visit the website to validate our credentials.