Our Charities

Why these charities? These are very important charities which are extremely close to our hearts…
In 2015 a member of our team was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease at the age of 21. In 2018 they received a live donation from a family member.
These charities have supported this young individual to understand that they are not the only one dealing with this health challenge and has given them the opportunity to ask questions to other people their age, and most importantly, providing positive reinforcement on how to continue living and enjoying all the normal activities of a young adult.
Now several years on since being diagnosed, these charities continue to do their very best to support this individual and their family. This year will be another year they will be participating in the transplant games, and other community activities, fund raising events and supporting other new young adults who may just be starting their journey toward kidney health.

charity Registration No. 270869

The Young Adult Clinic supports teenagers and young adults facing kidney failure, living with dialysis or managing their health pre and post kidney transplantation.

The clinic brings together young people in a similar situation, harnessing the power of peer support, this unique community helps young people cope through diagnosis, treatment, transplantation and recovery.

Being able to relate to someone else young, who’s been through the process is priceless. It helps give confidence and realization that you are not alone. 

Through community clinics outside the hospital setting in such places as youth clubs and sports centers, the clinic aims to normalize healthcare and make attending hospital less of a worry.

transplant sport

Registered Charity No. 1127314 

Transplant Sport was founded in 1978 by Maurice Slapak CBE, Consultant Surgeon, who brought together his patients and other transplant recipients to hold the first Transplant Games in Portsmouth.

Since then, Transplant Sport has grown to become the largest national charity promoting activity post transplant and the organ donor register.
We host the British Transplant Games every year and participants of all ages and ability enjoy taking part in over 20 different events. All have received a life saving transplant and celebrate their gift of life together. Some of our very sporty members also compete at the World Transplant Games for Team GB & NI.
We want to encourage all transplant recipients to get active and be healthy whilst promoting organ donation so we organise other activities (volleyball, racquets, golf etc) throughout the year. Taking part, regardless of ability, is what we’re about.