Smart Controls

Here at HDS Plumbing & Heating, we supply and install various smart controls for your home.
Over the last couple of years, many of our customers in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas have invested in upgrading their central heating controls to smart controls. You may ask the question why?

Several benefits include:

Here at HDS Plumbing & Heating, we supply and install various controls. Here are some of the key features:

Control your heating with ease 

This may seem pretty obvious; however, our smart controls can allow you to access your central heating through a mobile application, meaning you have more control of your central heating system. So when you’re heading home on a cold winter evening, you can turn your heating on via your mobile, and your home will be warm and comfortable when you arrive. 

Help you become more energy efficient.

With more control over your central heating system, you can make sure your heating is only on when you require it to be on, which would reduce your heating bills. In addition, some controls, such as the Nest Thermostat, can self-learn and program themselves to fit in with your lifestyle. Not only does this make it an efficient way to run your central heating system, but it also makes it very convenient.

Easy to use

Gone are the days of confusing buttons with tiny screens and not knowing whether you have programmed your control correctly. Instead, this new breed of heating controls, along with their mobile & tablet apps, have a much clearer interface and easier-to-understand buttons. As a result, scheduling your central heating to fit around your routine has never been easier.